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Welcome to the Indie RP blog for the fictional character of Daríus! He's a bit of a renegade, an outlaw, and he lives for being a mischief maker. In the old west you can find him in a saloon or any place where there might be trouble. He always carries a six-shooter and wears a black Stetson. In modern times he's a bush pilot, still a rebel, and flies the powerful DeHavilland Beaver.

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but I want someone to write me a Stucky thing I have prompts and everything.

I really want to get back into writing so let me know your thoughts!

// I got to watch “Captain America” for the first time.

I’m wishing that I had been able to see it in the theatre because that was AWESOME!!!  TOMMY LEE JONES IS LIKE THE MOST AWESOME PERSON EVER!!!  He helped keep me together for the rest of the movie after a certain incident and I basically lived for each scene he was in.  I knew he was in the movie but I didn’t realise just how big of a role he had.  Then there was JJ Feilds and I looooooooooove him!!  And then Neal McDonough who I didn’t know was in it.  Then the random Richard Armitage and then…. ANATOLE TAUBMAN!!!  And if you’ve seen “POW” yeah. :D

But yeah, wow, awesome!


This felt like a WWII movie.  Held the same depth as those 1960s WWII movies that I like watching.  They got the USO dancing like perfect.

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when your muses are horny for absolutely no reason at all

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Daríus is still under a sleeping curse.
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Daríus’ favourite picture of Jack.

Injury Inspired Starter Sentences

"Ah, that hurt!"
"Are you sure you're alright?"
"Can you walk?"
"Do that and you'll only worsen things."
"Does that hurt?"
"How do you expect to _____ with a sprained _____?"
"I'll carry you, hold still or it'll hurt more."
"I can't bend my arm."
"I can't walk."
"I think I hurt my ankle."
"Stop crying and listen to me."
"That's not supposed to bend like that."
"You hurt your leg?"
"You look like you're in pain."


This broke my heart.

#this is equal parts heartbreaking and really fucking hot
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